GRiD SE-T 1177

This computer belongs to the University of Michigan Department of Computer
Science and Engineering. Photo by Steven Crang.

GRiD SE-T Model 1177
Manufacturer GRiD Severe Environment and TEMPEST, SAI Technology
Processor type Intel 8086
Cycle time 5MHz
Math coprocessor Intel 8087
RAM memory 512 KB
Ports Serial RS-232-C, RS-422, IEEE-488, GPIB parallel port
Operating systems GRID O/S, MS-DOS 2.11
Keyboard Full stroke 57 keys
Modem 1200/300 bps
Screen size 25 lines x 80 columns ELD
Graphics resolution 320 x 240 dots
Weight 20 lbs.
Power 110-220V
Price, $ (year) 12 995 (1986)

During the mid-1970s, the United States Department of Defense became
interested in the opportunity to combine a microprocessor, a flat screen,
and communications technologies into a mobile communications unit. The SAIC
Corporation, founded by Dr. J. Robert Beyster, became a key participant in
producing early systems of this type. The GRiD Severe Environment and
TEMPEST (GRiDSET 1177) military laptop was produced by SAIC in
collaboration with GRiD Systems, the designer of the first commercial
laptop computer. The unit shown here was donated by Dr. Beyster’s family to
his alma mater, the University of Michigan.