Sharp PC-5000

Sharp PC-5000
Manufacturer Sharp Electronics Corp.
Processor type Intel 8088
Cycle time 4.77 Mhz
RAM memory 128 KB (up to 256 KB) (Magnetic Bubble Memory, 64 KB and 128 KB modules)
ROM memory 192 KB
Ports Bubble memory cartridge slot
Serial port (proprietary)
RS-232-C port
Bus expansion port
Tape-recorder, audio  cassette interface
Operating systems MS-DOS
Keyboard Full-stroke 72 keys with 8 function keys and arrow keys (English, German and French versions)
Modem optional 300 bps
Screen size 8 lines x 80 columns LCD
Graphics resolution 640 x 80 dots
Dimensions 12,84 x 12 x 3,44 inches
Weight 9,74 pounds
Power AC Adapter 12vdc 850mA
Peripherals Built-in thermal transfer printer (optional), double 5,25″ disk-drive (360KB), One 3,5″ FDD 360KB, numeric keypad
Price, $ (year) 2500 (1983)