Sord IS-11c

Manufacturer Sord Computer Inc.
Processor type  Zilog Z80A
Cycle time  4 Mhz
RAM memory 80 KB (up to 144 KB)
ROM memory 72 KB (up to 128 KB)
Ports RS232-C, Centronics, Barcode reader, two expansion ports, serial I/O for disks
Operating systems CP/M-80
Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard, 72 keys, 4 arrow keys, 6 function keys
Modem 300 bps
Screen size 25 lines x 80 columns LCD
Graphics resolution 640 x 200 dots
Dimensions 11.6 x 8.3 x 3.1 inches
Weight 6,6 lbs
Power 7.2vdc, internal Ni-Cd batteries (3h autonomy)
Peripherals Numeric keypad, thermal printer, barecode reader, 3,5″ FDD, built-in microcassette
Price, $ (year) 1990  (1985)