About our museum

       Dear friends, welcome to the virtual museum! Here are presented vintage laptops from the earliest models, starting from the beginning of the 1980s and the late 1990s. The museum was founded in 2013. At the moment, here represented by 90 models: portable computers, laptops, terminals, programmers, rugged laptops, word processors. All our models are photographed every 10 degrees, which allows you to see laptops from different angles, admire the design, the beauty of the lines and see how the technology and appearance changed, which has become familiar to us in the form of a thin clamshell where the screen closes the keyboard. The collection is 3465 pictures, 2787 of which processed manually. The pictures were stitched together to show the models in 360 degrees.

      Yuri Leskovec, museum founder (yuri@vintage-laptops.com)



Steve Wozniak (CEO Apple)

It’s looking great!  
Glenn Edens (CEO GRiD)

Nice. Lots of laptops in the museum.
Richard Ravel (Gavilan)

Very nice Yuri!  Glad you are doing this!
Rowland Archer (Data General)

I looked at earlier today. Awesome!!
Terry Crews (Dulmont Electronic Systems)

Great to see someone is preserving this history.
David Irwin (Dulmont Electronic Systems)

Nice collection!
John Dvorak (PC Magazine editor, writer)

Looking good
Bob Armstrong (cosy.com – Coherent Systems)

Looks interesting!
Stan Sieler (VP Allegro Consultants, Inc.)

Beautiful job Yuri, the 3D views of the laptops is amazing and very valuable.
Thank you for advancing the state of the art in vintage computing!
Bruce Damer (CEO Digitalspace Research; digibarn.com)

Very nice.
Paul McJones (Xerox, Tandem, DEC, Adobe)

Wow! This is great Yuri! I co-owned one of the first portable computer companies in the United States in the early ’80s and eventually went to work for GRiD Systems. The photos on your Website brought back some great memories.
Rick Horan (GRiD)

That’s a really cool website. 
Lynn Conway (Xerox)

Ian Farquhar (Sun Microsystems, Cisco)

I love it. So many vintage laptops.
Rebecca Heineman (Electronic Arts, Video Game History Museum, Olde Skuul)

Nice.  I recognize many of those.
Jason Paulsel (Compaq, Dell)

Nice job.  Do you own all of these?  Nice collection!
I admire your dedication.
Bill Degnan (VintageComputer.net)

I am very impressed with your collection
Fred Anderson (INTERINFO)

It’s a very nice virtual museum you have there!
I do like more particularly the 360° pictures.
Philippe Dubois (Association MO5.COM, President)

It’s an impressive collection!
Curtis A. Jones (Computer History Museum – California)

Very nice  :-))
But these computers are so “modern” :-))
no vacuum tubes, no soldered in transistors
Ed Thelen (Computer History Museum – California)

It is nice to see collecting activity in Russia!
Len Shustek (Computer History Museum – California)

Wow! You have a great Site with wonderful Laptops.
Thanks for this nostalgic journey.
Frank Quotschalla (Computer-Retro.de)

Yuri, love your site. You have nine 1980’s laptops I didn’t know existed. I basically collect only 1980’s laptops; I have about 110 1980’s models. I’ve been doing this since 1998. Five models from my collection were donated to the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institute in 2010. I also published a laptop book in 2005 that is also in the Smithsonian as a reference book. 
Jim Wilson (great laptop collector)