European Data Systems LXI

European Data Systems LXI
Manufacturer European Data Systems
Processor type Intel Pentium MMX
Cycle time 200 MHz
RAM memory 8 MB (up to 64 MB)
Ports LAN connector, a SCSI connector, standard printer port, serial COM2 port, and a standard Ext VGA connector
Operating systems Windows 95/NT
Keyboard 92-keys
Screen size 12″ TFT
Graphics resolution 800 x 600 dots
Dimensions 17 x 14,5 x 4 inches
Power 24V NiMh battery AC Adapter DC 24-32v
Internal disk device CD-ROM, 3.5″ FDD 1,44 MB, a PCMCIA card slot, IDE 2,26 GB HDD
Price, $ (year) ≈ 10 000 (1997)