Visual 1083 Commuter

Visual Commuter
Manufacturer Visual Computer Inc.
Processor type Intel 8088
Cycle time 4.77 MHz
RAM memory 128 KB (up to 512 KB)
Ports expansion, RS-232-С serial
asynchronous port, parallel port
RGB (monochrome)
composite video (color)
Operating systems MS-DOS 2.11
Keyboard Complete full-stroke 83-keys keyboard with numeric keypad and function keys
Modem no
Screen size 16 lines x 80 columns LCD
Graphics resolution 640 x 200 dots
Dimensions 15 x 18 x 3,5 inches
Weight 16 lbs
Power 110V
Internal disk device 2×5,25″ FDD 360KB
Peripherals RAM expansion, monitor, printers
Price, $ (year) 1995 (1984)