Zenith ZP-150

Zenith ZP-150
Manufacturer Zenith Data Systems
Processor type Intel 80C88
Cycle time 4 MHz
RAM memory 32 KB (up to 416 KB)
ROM memory 224 KB, plus 2 sockets for software expansion
Ports Parallel printer
Telephone line
System bus
BCR (for a bar code reader)
CMT (for data cassette recorder)
ACP (for acoustic coupler)
Handset (of telephone)
Operating systems MS-DOS 2.11
Keyboard 75-keys typewriter-style keyboard
Modem 300 bps
Screen size 16 lines x 80 columns LCD
Graphics resolution 128 x 480 dots
Dimensions  13 × 11.1 × 1.8 inches
Weight 7.7 lbs
Power AC Adapter 12VDC or 10 AA alkaline batteries (providing 15 hours run-time w/o modem), plus internal nickel-cadmium battery, up to 8 days
Peripherals external 5.25″ FDD, 3,5″ FDD 360 KB, printer 
Price, $ (year) 1995 (1984)