Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4ND

Siemens Nixdorf PCD-4ND
Manufacturer SIEMENS NIXDORF Informationssysteme
Processor type Intel 80486DX
Cycle time 50 MHz
RAM memory 4 MB (up to 16 MB)
Ports Two sixteen-bit PC card (PCMCIA) slots, one parallel, serial, VGA and docking station connector, plus two PS/2 connectors
Operating systems Windows 95
Keyboard 86-keys
Modem optional
Screen size 10.2″ 
Graphics resolution 640 x 480 dots
Dimensions 11,6 x 8,6 x 2 inches
Weight 7 lbs
Power Battery, AC Adapter 22,8V
Internal disk device 1.44 MB 3,5″ FDD, 200-500 MB HDD
Price, DM (year) 5570 (1995)