Commodore LCD

Commodore LCD
Manufacturer Commodore Business Machines
Processor type Rockwell 65C102
Cycle time 2 MHz
RAM memory 32 KB (expandable to 128 KB)
ROM memory 96 KB
Ports RS232C, User Port, Centronics, Barcode, Serial IEC Port
Operating systems BASIC V3.6 
Keyboard Mitsumi low-profile 72-keys keyboard
Modem 300 bps
Screen size 16 lines x 80 columns  LCD
Graphics resolution 480 x 128 dots
Dimensions 11,75 x 11 x 2,18 inches
Weight 5 lbs
Power 4 x 1.5V NiCd AAA batteries (5 hours of use), 6V DC Power Supply 
Peripherals External 3.5″ floppy disk drive 720 KB
Price, $ (year) 600 (1985)

A total of 3-5 units were made. This is 3DS MAX model.