Epson PX-8/Geneva
Manufacturer Epson Corp.
Processor type Zilog Z-80
Cycle time 2.45MHz
RAM memory 64 KB (up to 184 KB)
ROM memory 32 KB
Ports One serial RS-232-C,
audio in/out, bar code, ADC, cartridge, analog in (2)
Operating systems CP/M 2.2 in ROM
Keyboard Full-stroke 72 keys with function keys and cursor keys
Modem 300 bps
Screen size 8 lines x 80 columns LCD
Graphics resolution 480 x 64 dots
Dimensions 8,5 x 11,5 x 1,75 inches
Weight 5 lbs
Power External 6V. AC adaptor and rechargeable Ni-cad battery 10-20 hours
Peripherals built-in microcassette, 4 KB or 128 KB Memory expansion units, 3.5″ and 5.25″ FDD units
Price, $ (year) 995 (1984)